Be Yr Own Hero

Be Yr Own Hero was a collective based in Wilmington, North Carolina that organized events around community building, social justice activism, radical self acceptance, and creative expression. Since its loose formation in 2006, the members continue to spread the DIY-ethos of community building throughout various parts of the world.

The Be Yr Own Hero Festival was a radical Do It Yourself (DIY) Festival held in 2007, 2008 & 2009. The Festival included a Really Really Free Market, potlucks, workshops, info sessions and live music.

2007’s workshops included: DIY parenting (a radical concept), Basic Bicycle Repair, Truth in Recruiting / Promoting Peace, Social Activism & the Info-Radical, Radical Menstruation, Food Politics, Trans 101: Becoming an ally to transgender people,Unconventional Action: Organizing against the DNC/RNC, and DIY DJ Workshop. Bands included: The Brothels, The Nothing Noise, Gator Country, Prize Winners Collective, NED, and Ghost Mice.

2008 workshops: underwater basket weaving, how to make your own laundry detergent, and basic bike tuning needs,

Additional Projects organized by members of Be Yr Own Hero:  Bike Hype, Critcal Mass, Bicycle Recyclery, Community Gardens, Food Not Bombs, Really Really Free Market