Success: Google Analytics Platform Principles Certificate!

One of my goals this year is to learn more about advanced reporting and analysis using Google Analytics. I’ve been using Google Analytics in all of the websites/web-projects I’ve been involved in for around 8 years, so I’m pretty familiar with generating custom reports and analyzing data to be used in strategic ways. Google now offers an Analytics Academy where you can sign up to take free courses and get certified in different components. I missed out on the certification for the Digital Fundamentals last year, but I’m excited to have successfully completed and received my certificate for the latest course in Platform Principles! A lot of the information is pretty basic stuff, but it’s always good to get refreshers in things and see different examples of how things are used. I think there’s still time to register & participate in the course. The course ends on March 27th.

It took a few hours to complete and even though its not a huge accomplishment, it’s one tiny step to my larger goals which are to A). get my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) certificate and then B). become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP).

Anyone else getting GA certified or have similar goals and want to motivate each other? Let’s #getshitdone together 🙂