Media & Technology: The Future of Emergent, Established & Social Media [Panel Discussion]

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On Monday, April 287th I was on an Out in Tech panel. Out in Tech is a community of LGBT tech industry professionals in New York City. Also on the panel: Caitlin Thompson (WNYC), Elisa Kreisinger (Upworthy), Kate Lee (Medium) and Jamilah King (TakePart).

Here’s a great, comprehensive recap of the event by Will Pally. Some highlights below:

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Featured in Go Magazine’s “100 Women We Love”

I’m quite honored to be featured in Go Magazine’s “100 Women We Love” feature in their latest Pride Issue. I’m listed alongside some pretty badass babes like Scream Club, Hannah Hart, Liz Feldman, and a whole bunch of other amazing women! You can read the blurb about me here or pick up a copy near you!

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Also, shout out to my good buddy Channing Duke who took the photo of me that’s featured in the article. Channing also started Pink Sheep Film Festival with me and continues to do a kickass job organizing it. The Pink Sheep Film Festival held its 3rd annual Pride event last Friday and I’m so proud of all the hard work Channing has done to pull it all together!